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loft conversions in Birmingham, Birmingham Loft conversions                           

Birmingham is the most populous city in Britain outside the capital of London, and is located in the West Midlands. Birmingham boasts a population of just over one million as of the 2011 census, which is an increase of 96,000 since 2001.
Birmingham started life as a medium-sized market town at the time of the medieval period, but quickly grew to prominence during the 18th century due to the Industrial Revolution, during which Birmingham quickly leapt to the forefront of world development of economic organisation, technology and science, producing a series of innovations that built the foundations of modern industrial society. Birmingham went on to be titled “the first manufacturing town in the world” by 1791.
Birmingham has gone on to become a major international commercial centre and is regarded as an important retail, transport, events and conference hub and boasts a GDP of $90bn as of 2008. This makes Birmingham’s urban area the 2nd largest economically in the UK and the 72nd largest in the world. Although the city originally grew on the back of its manufacturing and engineering industries, today the economy is strongly boosted by Birmingham’s impressive service sector, which in 2008 made up a whopping 86% of its economy. It’s the largest centre of employment for the public admin, education and health sectors in Great Britain and is also a major player in the finance field, being the 3rd largest centre for employment in that area outside of London. The great employment prospects and the major transport hubs that this city offers make this a great place for residents to live and work, owing to its high population density of 3,649 inhabitants per km2 which well exceeds the national average of 377.2 per km2.

Being Britain’s second most populous city, and with such a high population density, living space is at a premium. Due to this, loft conversions in Birmingham are becoming increasingly popular due to people’s needs for an extra bedroom or living area, and the rise in property prices of the years. Adding a loft conversion to your home is a great way to increase your living area and add to your property value, without having to undergo a single or two storey extension, which can often be very expensive and a time consuming process.
One of the major plus points about Birmingham loft conversions is that normally planning permission is not required, especially if you’re only planning on using the new loft conversion in Birmingham for storage and aren’t thinking of modifying the roof structure in any way. However, if you’re thinking of adding a bedroom which generally involves modifications to the roof like the addition of windows, then planning permission may be required and building regulations adhered to. It’s a good idea when undertaking a loft conversion to get a professional loft conversion company in, as they’ll not only be able to complete the conversion from start to finish, but they’ll be familiar with the planning permission and building regulation requirements of Birmingham as well.  Warmer’s Loft conversions would love to help you achieve your dream loft extension, so give them a call today on 0800 270 7616 to see how they can help you.

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